Get Google Calender in your Linux Terminal

Running Linux on your system and doing most of your work through the terminal?, then you’ll be happy to learn that you can display from and add events to your Google Calender via gcalcli. From the software’s homepage:

gcalcli is a Python application that allows you to access your Google Calendar(s) from a command line. It’s easy to get your agenda, search for events, add new events, delete events, edit events, and even import those annoying ICS/vCal invites from Microsoft Exchange and/or other sources. Additionally, gcalcli can be used as a reminder service and execute any application you want when an event is coming up.

If you’re running ArchLinux, gcalcli is available in the AUR, for other Linux OSes, check your software manager for packages.

After linking your Google Calender to gcalcli, you can add aliases to your bash/zsh alias file like I’ve done to quickly access your daily/weekly/monthly events and also to quickly add events to your Google Calender. The relevant parts in my aliases file are:

alias calm="gcalcli calm" #month
alias calw="gcalcli calw" #week
alias cald="gcalcli agenda" #day
alias calquick="gcalcli quick --calendar 'your_google_calender_name'"
alias caladd="gcalcli add --calendar 'your_google_calender_name'"

Screenshots below:

cald gcalcli window

calw gcalcli window

calm gcalcli window

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