Transition to Jekyll

It’s time for a change - for close to 2 years now, I’ve been using Pelican to build my site, as someone who’s always eager to try out new things, I decided to move on to a new static site generator. Enter Jekyll, a ruby-based static site generator that is on par with Pelican (which is Python-based) in terms of features.

Jekyll has excellent documentation and boasts a very good selection of plugins and themes available to it and like Pelican also supports Markdown & HTML markup languages, sadly (at least for me), the way post files are structured and formatted in Jekyll is different to Pelican and I couldn’t find any converter to convert my Pelican markdown files into Jekyll compatible ones, this meant having to manually edit each one of my posts which is the only drawback from my transition from Pelican.

To find out more about Jekyll, the first point of call should be the excellent documentation.

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