How to reset Windows Network Stack

Back with a Windows tip!

If you’re experiencing network issues on your Windows system and you’ve tried disconnecting and then connecting back to a network and you still do not have internet access (your system will be connected to a network but you can’t access the internet), one possible remedy is to reset the network stack on Windows.

Some of the commands used here can be run from the Command Prompt without invoking administrator privileges, but it is strongly advised to run them with elevated privileges.

Click the start button on your system, or press the Start button on your keyboard and type “cmd”, select ‘Run as an administrator’ and then input the following commands in the Command Prompt (Windows Terminal in the latest version of Windows 11):

Type ipconfig /release and press Enter
Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter
Type ipconfig /renew and press Enter
Type netsh int ip reset and press Enter (don’t restart yet when prompted)
Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter

You can now proceed to restart your system and hopefully when your system comes back on, you would have your internet access restored.

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